Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 2 in Lima

Buenos dias from Lima!

I spent last night in Miraflores, a nicer suburb / neighborhood of Lima. It´s loud here. LOUD. I guess Ive been in a sleepy tourist town or hiking for too long. Theres a jackhammer digging up concrete right outside the hostel and cars start honking early in the morning, honk constantly all day and then well into the night. Although, its still relatively sleepy compared to last night. Its definitely a shock to my system to be in an urban area again! The first thing I did after checking into my hostel and dropping off my bags was to walk up the street to Vivenda, Perus answer to Whole Foods. It felt heavenly to be in a grocery store! Dont get my wrong - Ill still miss Mercado San Pedro and getting 2 huge glasses of Jugo for super-cheap...but it was fun to browse the aisles and pick up a few things for lunch.

One thing Lima is known for, is its restaurants. Siri and I were fortunate to eat at some pretty delicious places in Cuzco (despite usually involving rice and/or pasta and/or potatoes and/or bread), but I was looking forward to trying some of the highly recommended restaurants in Miraflores, especially ceviche. I went in search of Astrid y Gaston last night, but was too early (as a result of trekkig, Ive been eating at 7pm and in bed by 8pm! That will change soon...) and then a ceviche restaurant, but couldnt find it. On my way back to my hostel, I stumbled across Edo, a sushi restaurant. In this case, a meal with rice was completely acceptable! It was wonderful to sit at the bar, watch the sushi chefs slice fish and create amazing rolls, and just relax. One of the chefs suggested his favorite roll, which had shrimp tempura, avacado, and was topped with thin slices of fish and oyster sauce before being hit with a kitchen blow torch (yum!!!). What an excellent meal! Afterwards, I stopped for gelatto & cafe. Its amazing how good excellent sushi, gelatto & cafe can make one feel.

The plan for the up to Central Lima to visit Plaza de Armas and some of the churches and a monastary (with catacombs!) near there, walk around China town (dim sum?!), maybe more shopping back in Miraflores, one more amazing meal and then off to the airport for a red-eye. Ive got 140 soles left to spend...

Things Ill miss - the mercados, juice-y avacados, crispy banana chips, views of the mountains, gorgeous catholic cathedrals, plazas, amazing fresh jugo everyday, trying new fruits, peoples smiles, spanglish conversations, tamales...Things Im looking forward to - seeing my friends, talking to my family, continuting to improve my spanish, seeing my cat, oxygen!, my bed, a bath, cooking, going for a bike ride, going for a run...

More about the treks when Im back in the atl...and of course, pictures! Hope everyone is well! Thanks for reading! Hasta luego!!!

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