Sunday, June 24, 2012

SD 100 - 10 toenails and counting...

6 months ago, this seemed like a good idea.  With the start of the race only days away, it still seems like a good idea.  mostly!  and now I'm in the ultimate race vortex - how did 6 months end up as less than 6 days so quickly?  There's no time or point in cramming in any last minute miles - the 100s of miles in Kyle's schedule have gotten me to this point in great shape.  As far as the miles go, I'm as ready as I'm going to be!  I am confident in my training prep and am looking forward to getting on the trail.  I have a plan, a back-up plan and a bail-out plan.  I have an awesome friend who's given up his weekend (and toenails?) to pace me through the night time miles.  I am blessed with dozens of friends who have gotten me to this point - all your encouraging words, questions about training, offers to help, company during long miles, beds to let me crash on and meals have been much appreciated.  Ultrarunning can be a solo endeavor - but I couldn't have gotten her without ya'll.  THANK YOU!!!  You are my virtual crew. :-)

race updates should be posted on the website above - the race is east of San Diego in the Cuyamaca mtns so updates could be slow and maybe not in real time.  The race starts at 7am PST on Saturday morning - the time limit is 32 hours.  I'd love to finish in 24 hours, but the first objective is always finishing alive within the time cut.  I can't focus on the time or racing or what "should" happen - I need to focus on the journey, moving forward, staying hydrated and taking in calories, staying on the course and not getting hurt.  If I do all that, I'll finish and no matter what, I'll have a smile on my face. :-)  My friend David will have my phone and post FB updates and tweets (@mofreeman1, #sd100) if you're so inclined to follow.  I imagine the updates will go something like this..."Molly's running."  "saw Molly at mile 45, good running / walking rhythm."  "Molly is still moving forward..." "Molly is asking how quickly we can get to Leucadia donuts..."

many of you have heard me quote Kirk before, and I will be thinking of him this weekend "it's just the pointlessness of it that I love!"  Is there a point to running 100miles on the trail, over mountains, through the woods, sleep-deprived, suffering?  it's a choice.  and an adventure.  and I feel incredibly privileged that I have this opportunity. it's ok to remind me of that in the wee hours of the morning... :-) I am also continually inspired by my friends - moms who stayed fit during pregnancy and came back to run/ride even stronger afterwards, my sister who lives on the tundra of Canada confined to a treadmill many months of the year (my hero!), my mom who completed her first half-marathon, friends coming back from injuries or battling chronic diseases, others who have tackled epic TX and UT Ironman courses or who are getting ready for Norseman, Kona or Leadville100 (on 2 wheels, not feet!), the list goes on...

Thanks everyone!!!  see you on the other side... mo---

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