Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tamales save the day

another really short post...

I´m in Cuzco it´s beautiful (muy bonita!). flight to Lima was fine and the overnight at the airport was OK as well. it turns out, we were not alone in sleeping there. as much as I thought Atlanta´s airport was always busy, I think Lima´s never went to sleep. first we tried sleeping in one area, but it was too loud. we moved, and then the cleaning people came, so we moved again and repeated this scenario 3 more times. after maybe an hour of sleep, we stood in line and finally got to our plane and the 1hr flight to Cuzco. nice views, when I was awake enough to look out the window!

once we landed, we thankfully were met by Mimi, from our spanish school. we arrived at our homestay, enjoyed Pan y coca te with our wonderful host, Deena, and then promptly crashed. the lack of sleep and lack of oxygen was exhausting.

since then, both Siri and I are adapting to the altitude pretty well. we´ve been walking all around the city, no shopping yet or visiting museums. we started classes yesterday. my head hurts ! but it´s an amazing experience, very intense, all one on one teaching, both practical and grmmar. most of the time, i´m frustrated and am certain I´m the slowest student they´ve ever had. but I´m sure I´ll catch on...eventually...

a few other thoughts, the FairPlay School and homestay experience are absolutely incredible. so glad we went with FP. they are not for profit, have the best teachers and treat their teachers very well. before we left, everyone in the states thought that Siri and I being gone for 3 or 4 weeks was a really long time. when we´re here, everyone we meet thinks that´s a very short time. most people are here for months traveling and learning spanish. went to a pub last night. there was trivia and soccer on TV. felt more like England than Peru!

and the tamales...the food here so far is excellent. Deena is an mazing cook! on our way to class yesterday, my teacher stopped and we bought tamales from a woman on the street. it was excellent. later in the evening, siri and I and another student were wandering around and we were all starting to get "hangry". then I spotted woman selling tamales - soooo good and everyone´s spirits improved immediately. :)

off to lunch, shopping and more exploring. hope all is well in the atl!!! adios!

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Kari Lindner said...

Oh, I am so excited for you. I am still randomly telling complete strangers that I have a friend who is spending 3 weeks in Peru! I would like an interview for the position of travel partner in about 4 years, please.