Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Only a few days left...

I feel like I just got here and now I've only got a few days left of sightseeing and a couple more quick stops in lab. There's a growing list of shopping left to take care of. I also now feel more like I've been living in Cairo and now I'm adjusting into tourist mode. It'll be good--I'll have the comfort-level of being able to get around and be familiar with what's going on (sort of...) while at the same time, getting to see and do things I haven't been able to yet.

Tara got in Monday evening--it's great to have a traveling partner. We took it easy yesterday, with a quick stop in lab, a traffic-filled cab ride to the Egyptian museum (this time we saw the royal mummy exhibit--they still had hair & teeth!), a people-packed METRO ride back to Maadi, and a sheesha-smoke filled dinner on the Nile and the Maadi Grande Cafe. Not quite a relaxing first day around Cairo, for Tara, but she's determined to fit in as much as she can in a week. YAY. Today, a trip to a park, the citadel, shopping around Maadi, and dinner at the Fish Market on the banks of the Nile again.

Hope everyone's recovered from Sebring!

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Unknown said...

hey molly! have fun in your last few days over there! be sure to bring home a mummy arm or leg for seamus to chew on. of course, you'll have to bring it out west to him, but i'm sure you won't mind chatting up the local riders out here. ;)