Monday, January 29, 2007

New Leaf Adventures and how I learned to eat through the pain

I learned so many things this weekend (for example, there are many uses for a plunger, a CLEAN plunger, that is), but maybe the most important lesson was from Sarah who taught me how to eat through the pain. Thanks Sarah!

I had the perfect last weekend in Georgia before the Egyptian adventure begins. Barb, who runs New Leaf Adventures in North GA, took care of the women's team from Cycleworks p/b Lowe's Mortgage. Most of my teammates were there and the only way it could have been better is if everyone had been there. I look forward to riding, racing, and hanging out with everyone after I get back! I think a few people are expecting to read that we painted our toenails, talked about boys, and giggled in the hot tub. In reality, we rode many miles, climbed gaps, and got to know each other better. There was tons of laughter, but the hot tubbing stories will have to wait for another time. ;-)

As an added bonus, we got to know Barb better--there isn't anything she can't do! She's a phenomenal cook & baker, a great photographer, a gifted masseuse, the list goes on... She even made sure we had perfect weather on Saturday (it was in the 60's in the gaps--there were so many cyclists, it looked like early spring!). She is an all-around enthusiastic, tireless, fun person. I am thrilled to be racing with my new teammates and am certain that Barb has helped us prepare for a successful season ahead of us. It was an incredible experience to be able to spend a weekend riding our bikes, being spoiled and treated like pros. Thank you to the team for making this happen. A huge thank you to Lee for all your planning. And most importantly, thank you Barb and Perry!!!

I am all packed...sort of...After I got home, I was sort of in denial of either leaving tomorrow (today now...) or packing. I'm not sure which--if I don't pack, then I'm not leaving, right? The packing took longer than I expected--not because I'm bringing much, but because I'm indecisive. I still might go shopping tomorrow for the perfect pair of shoes or pants...or, I could just wait and go shopping in Cairo. I don't know--maybe I'll sleep for a few hours and decide in the morning.

Hi E & J! :-)


Unknown said...

Eating through the pain is a very important skill. I had so much fun with you this weekend MO!!! I will miss you while you're in Cairo. :)

Lissy said...

While I was not there to learn the eating thru the pain topic, I would like to offer that banana coconut bread makes the pain go away. After suffering incapacitating cramps that prevented me from the trek up Wolf Pen, I found solace in Molly's banana coconut bread. Thanks Mo!! Safe travels!!

P. Inky said...
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P. Inky said...

(oops I goofed) Despited packing indecisions Molly was ready when I arrived to take her to the airport.

Molly going to Cairo