Thursday, January 4, 2007

25 days and counting...

It's official. On January 29th, I leave Atlanta to spend 4 weeks in Cairo, Egypt. I'll be working at the US Naval Medical Research Center No. 3. Additionally, I'll be visiting field sites around the country that are participating in a diarrhea surveillance project. Until now, I've pretty much only worked in a laboratory setting, so I'm pretty excited to work with people (and not just poo!).

As I work out the details, I'll post a bit more before I leave. Once I get there, I should have pretty regular Internet access and hopefully I'll have some neat stories to share. I don't think I'll get pyramid or Sphinx or mummy burnout! Feel free to let me know when you're tired of reading about pyramid & camel adventures. :)

Oh, and I thought this was interesting--the Lonely Planet guide lists "Cairo Cyclists" as a club that organizes long-distance rides on the weekends. I bring a kit or just stick to running on a treadmill?

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